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To improve the competitive skiing technique we offer the following:

  • Coordination Exercises

  • Exercises for body balance on skis

  • Exercises for work witht ankles
    • ankle rotation
    • lay ankle

  • Exercises for work with knees
    • exercises how to put both knees into the turn
    • exercises for stronger lay both knees into the turn
    • exercises for quick work of both knees

  • Exercises for hips work
    • exercises for a high position of hips
    • exercises for "open position of the hip" on turn
    • exercises for correct hips "timming"

  • Exercises for shoulder work
    • correct position of the shoulder into the turn
    • correct position of the shoulder at the entrance into turn
    • correct position of shoulder at the exit of turn

  • Exercises to be faster out of the turn


  • Exercises to increase the speed of skiing and demolition speed barrier
  • Setting SLALOM
    • setting poligons with short poles
    • setting poligons with normal poles
    • setting poligons in funnel
    • rhythmical SL setting
    • setting by changing the rhythm
    • situational SL setting


    • corridor setting with short poles
    • rhythmical setting with short and long poles
    • rhythmical setting with long poles and markers
    • situational setting
  • Video analysis
  • Advice
  • Throughout the racing school is a great emphasis on the five characteristics of modern alpine skiing:
    • SPEED
    • TIMING


The exercises are designed from the basic positions on skis at low speed, until the maximum speed!
The emphasis is on changing the body position with regard to the speed and dynamics of skiing, from short SL turns, through the SG to SG and DH turns at high speeds and jumps through the turning points.


SKIS, which are used depending on the speed and purpose of the exercise:

  • BLADE (short skis 90 or 125 cm)
    • exercises for balance
    • exercises to work the knee at the beginning of the turn
    • exercises for shoulder work
    • exercises to work the ankles

    Useful for all the work at lower speeds. Much emphasis is placed on proper body position in terms of a balance. Allow a large ski slope away at low speeds. Prevent competitors that have skis in front of you at the beginning of exercise at low speeds.

    we use them in the middle or towards the end of training techniques, which increases the speed of skiing and close racing. We perform all methodical and corrective work at higher speeds.

    For the training speed and demolition speed barrier at both the beginning and at the end of exercise.


Possible location of the program:

    • All Slovenian ski areas